1:1 Coaching


“Empowering women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) to overcome infertility using individualized nutrition and 1:1 coaching.”

Do you find yourself feeling...

  • Powerless when it comes to managing your PCOS symptoms for better fertility outcomes?
  • Overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition information on fertility and PCOS provided by the internet?
  • Frustrated by the lack of resources available to you on managing your PCOS and infertility using diet and lifestyle changes?
  • Eager to restore your fertility AND develop a healthy, sustainable PCOS lifestyle instead of going from fad diet to fad diet?

As a registered dietitian and fellow cyster who has overcome infertility using diet and lifestyle changes, I provide you with the tools you need to get one step closer to restoring your fertility.

What my Restore Your Fertility Program provides:

  • A 4-step framework that guides you through evidence-based practices to improve PCOS and fertility
  • A deeper understanding of WHY your PCOS displays the way it does
  • A nutrition and exercise plan customized to YOUR specific needs to optimize fertility
  • A feeling of empowerment of how to manage your PCOS long-term and live a healthy, fulfilled life
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Why Start NOW?

Research is clear.

Your egg reserve and opportunity to get pregnant decrease with EVERY day, month, year you let go by allowing your PCOS dictate your fertility journey.

Restore Your Fertility 1:1 Coaching Program

60-Minute Video Counseling Sessions 2x/Month

Bi-Weekly Email Check-In's

  • Video session up to 60 minutes working through my 4-step framework
  • Develop SMART goals for the most effective long-term behavior change
  • Bi-weekly email check-in’s to ensure you are staying on track with meeting your SMART goals
  • Response within 24-48 business hours to ensure timely follow up to your questions and concerns
Most frequent questions and answers

I strive to get to the root cause of your PCOS, which ultimately makes treatment for infertility more targeted and successful long-term.

The Restore Your Fertility program is a 3-month time commitment.

Since being diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago, I have worked to develop an evidence-based framework that makes it easier for women with PCOS of the reproductive age to manage their own PCOS and optimize their fertility.

My 4-step program is not a one-size fits all. Instead, it is customized to each individual client. Using SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals, we adjust diet and lifestyle in small steps that sets up the client for success long-term.

Yay! You’re pregnant! Despite this, I will continue to provide prenatal nutrition counseling until our 3-month time commitment is completed.

You can choose to pay in full or in monthly installments.

I do not provide refunds. Using my 4-step framework, I will guide you through my 1:1 program, but ultimately the action required for long-term success is up to the client. 

Every woman and woman’s body is very different, as well as how successfully they implement my framework. For this reason, I cannot guarantee that you will get pregnant during my program. 


Are you ready to take control of your PCOS and fertility outcomes?

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