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Dining Out without the Heart Break

This past Wednesday, I completed my third news segment for WZZM 13 news channel here in Grand Rapids. Per usual, the segment was a great time! With Jennifer Pascua, I discussed how to dine out on Valentine’s Day without the heart break. In this segment, I take you through each course of the meal, providing you healthy tips to avoid extra calories and special food or drink choices to benefit your heart. Some quick pics of the segment…

Some key tips that I highlighted:

1. Opting out of the breadbasket to avoid extra calories from refined sugars.

2. Splitting an appetizer or trying a spinach side salad.

3. Making your entree steamed, broiled, or baked and trying an “oily” fish, such as salmon or tuna to bump up your omega 3 intake.

4. Choosing heart healthy vegetables to make up half of your plate, such as red peppers, sweet potatoes, or steamed carrots.

5. If you’re going to do dessert, choose wisely. Opt for dark chocolate over milk chocolate for added heart health benefits. If you plan on getting chocolates for your significant other, choose the smaller box, instead of the larger one.

Vday segment-chocolate

Check out the segment here!

A day later on February 11th, Today’s Dietitian magazine named me “RD of the Day” for this segment, which was completely unexpected and truly exciting “news” for me 🙂 Stay tuned for more nosh in the news!


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